Your bridal bouquet will make such a grand statement as you walk down the aisle. From abundant blooms to an intimate display, you will certainly have the opportunity to get crafty with the creation of yours.

Wedding Flower Tips to Assist with Your Planning

However, with so many flowers to choose from, are you aware of some of the most popular ones that may be an incredibly fitting choice for you own big day bridal bouquet?

If you would like to discover which flowers would be an ideal choice to incorporate into your bridal bouquet, be sure to continue reading. Here at Palomino Floral Designs, we have gathered some of the top blooms to assist in inspiring your choice:

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  • The pretty peony. If you are seeking a bashful bloom that showcases nothing but abundant elegance, peonies are certainly an ideal choice. A lovely hue that depicts delicacy will be such a beautiful addition to your bridal ensemble.

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  • The intricate ranunculus. Every petal that creates the beautiful ranunculus is so intricate. This delicate bloom will have you representing such sophistication for your walk down the aisle. Presented in an array of warm hues, you will certainly showcase an inviting appeal as you make your way down the aisle.

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  • The romantic rose. For those of you who appreciate true love, roses are a wonderful choice for comprising your bridal bouquet. They never fail, as brides are still choosing them as their favorite wedding flower. In addition, they are presented in an array of colors. Also, don’t forget about garden roses! As they present their own whimsically beautiful appearance.

Unique Centerpiece Inspiration for Your Big Day

With the right flowers, your walk down the aisle will be even more stunning! These are just a few of the popular blooms that you can choose for your bridal bouquet. If you are still seeking a wedding florist in Chicago, Illinois, please contact us here at Palomino Floral Designs. We look forward to being your Schaumburg wedding florist.