There are so many ways in which you can develop your wedding centerpieces. You may want an appearance of blooms that are extravagant. Or, you may fancy more of a small, intimate appeal. Either way, you can create yours to be unique and personal to you and your big day.

New Trends to Incorporate into Your Bridal Bouquet

Do you know how you would like your wedding centerpieces to appear?

We understand that you will want your floral arrangements to stand out from the rest! That’s why, here at Palomino Floral Designs, we have gathered some unique centerpiece ideas to inspire your big day décor. If you would like to learn what these ideas are, take a look to discover them:

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  • A stroll through the grass. The Earth is beautiful! You can bring the details of the outdoors right to your wedding tables. Your guests will feel as they are walking among gorgeous scenery if you choose to place your blooms right within blades of grass. Grass is lush and beautiful, which will add a sense of whimsy and creativity to your centerpieces.

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  • The warmth of lanterns. You can add some intimacy to your tables with the use of lanterns. Fill them with candles for a warm and inviting appearance that will have your guests in awe of your centerpieces. In addition, surround them with wreaths, petals, or flowers, for a combination that will provide nothing but beauty.

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  • Dimensional candles. Creating your wedding centerpieces to showcase dimension is a great way to add some uniqueness to your big day. Candles are a wonderful way to showcase various heights, widths, and even colors. In addition, you can pair them with flowers, for a combination that reflects such romance.

Wedding Flower Planning Mishaps to Keep in Mind

With unique centerpieces, your wedding décor is sure to stand out from the rest! These are just a few ideas that are available to you. If you are ready to begin working with a Schaumburg, Illinois wedding florist, please visit us here at Palomino Floral Designs. We look forward to being your Chicago wedding florist.


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