Do you love the natural beauty that the earth presents us with? Do you appreciate the fresh air, free-flowing blooms, and a love of the country? If so, you may be planning a rustic wedding! As you plan your rustic wedding, you will have to make an array of decisions regarding your décor, to ensure that it complements your theme, and this is especially true for your flowers.

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Each wedding has a theme, and if rustic is yours, know that there are actually many blooms that would be a great addition to your big day.

Here at Palomino Floral Designs, we believe that every wedding should have a lovely display of flowers. That’s why we have gathered some blooms that would be the perfect choice for your rustic wedding. If you would like to learn what these flowers are, be sure to keep reading for some wonderful inspiration:


  • Sunflowers. There is so much beauty to be discovered among the lovely sunflower. To reflect the outdoors, you will certainly need a bloom that showcases elements of the sun, and sunflowers are the perfect way to do so. Their yellow hue will flow right into nature, representing elements of the country and rustic flair.

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  • Wildflowers. Nature is wild and free, so your rustic wedding blooms should be as well! If you choose to utilize wildflowers, you can create an appearance that is free-flowing, abundant, and overall one with nature. In addition, the colors that wildflowers present will complement the rustic beauty that the earth reflects.

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  • Daisies. There is no flower more sweet and simple than the daisy. However, don’t let their simplicity fool you, as they are little blooms that pack a powerful punch of beauty. If you choose daisies to adorn your wedding, you will brighten up your décor with some rustic pizzazz.

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You will, of course, want your rustic wedding to showcase elements of décor that complement your theme. These are just a few of the many blooms that would be the perfect addition to your big day. If you are all ready to hire your Chicago, Illinois wedding florist, please contact us here at Palomino Floral Designs. We look forward to creating your Schaumburg wedding flowers.