Planning a wedding comes with its challenges. There are so many elements that go into each and every detail, that it can certainly become overwhelming. The last thing you will want to experience as you plan your big day is as though the planning is consuming you. However, if you keep some potential mishaps in mind, it will help you to avoid an stress.

Decorate Your Wedding with Roses

One very important detail that you will plan for your big day will be your flowers! After all, they will be the prominent feature of your décor.

We believe each flower for your wedding should be planned to perfection! That’s why, here at Palomino Floral Designs, we have gathered some wedding flower planning mishaps that you should keep in mind, to assist you in avoiding any potential headaches. If you would like to learn what these mishaps are, be sure to continue reading for some wonderful insight:

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  • Trying to replicate arrangements. Most brides and grooms to-be turn to the internet for inspiration when planning their flowers. While you may have an array of beautiful photos to present to your florist, it important that you stray away from perfectly replicating them. You will want your flowers to be unique to you and your big day. So, the right flowers, size, colors, and vessels should all be given careful consideration. Instead, use your inspiration to assist in comprising the details of your own arrangements.

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  • Not coordinating your flowers. There are so many aspects of your wedding that will be adorned with flowers. You will have your bouquet, ceremony blooms, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, just to name a few. It is important, with so many flowers, that you tie them all together, for a cohesive appearance. If all of your arrangements coordinate with one another, your entire wedding will flow together beautifully, just as it should.

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  • Rejecting too quickly. There is so much opportunity for creativity when it comes to planning the blooms for your wedding. It is important that you are open minded, as you may be surprised at to what you might find beauty within. While you may have a vision for your wedding flowers, be open to viewing the inspiration from your florist, as the colors of your flowers, their size, and how you present them, are all important factors.

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As you plan your wedding, you will certainly want to avoid any mishaps! These are just a few that you can stray away from to ensure that your flowers are planned perfectly. If you are ready to hire a wedding florist in Chicago, Illinois, please contact us here at Palomino Floral Designs. We are ready to develop your beautiful Schaumburg wedding flowers.