Who couldn’t love the outdoors? Beautiful blue skies, lush green grass, and stunning flowers! If you have chosen to tie the knot outdoors, you will certainly want to choose the perfect flowers to complement your surroundings.

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Of course, all flowers grow outdoors. However, there are some flowers which would be more fitting for your outdoor wedding than others. Are you aware of what they are?

We have such a passion for flowers! That’s why, here at Palomino Floral Designs, we have gathered some of the top outdoor wedding flowers to inspire your choice. If you are interested in learning what these flowers are, be sure to continue reading for some great inspiration:


  • Sunflowers. What better way to complement the sun itself than by choosing gorgeous sunflowers for your big day? Not only are they naturally beautiful, but sunflowers relish the light, meaning that will hold their shape and present themselves beautifully, even in the hottest temperatures and beaming sun. So, choose sunflowers to add a bright pop of color to your nuptials.

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  • Daisies. Your love is sweet! Therefore, you can complement your wedding with the sweetest flower of all, the daisy. Bright and cheery, daisies are the perfect little addition to any wedding décor. This versatile bloom will shine under the rays of sun, and showcase a lovely appearance that your guests will truly appreciate.

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  • Roses. When we think of flowers, roses most often come to mind. The rose is said to be the most popular flower in the world, and for good reason too. For your outdoor wedding, choose garden or spay roses, as their appearance will complement the beauty that nature provides. Available in many colors, you have the ability to let your creativity shine with lovely pops of vibrant blooms. Plus, the will hold their intricate shape out in the sunshine.

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Outdoor weddings are beautiful! These are just a few of the flowers that you can utilize for yours. If you are ready to hire your Chicago wedding florist, please get in touch with us here at Palomino Floral Designs. We look forward to the opportunity to be your Schaumburg, Illinois wedding florist.