As you plan your wedding flowers, know that they can be anything but traditional! In fact, creating unique floral arrangements will have your big day décor standing out from the rest, which will certainly impress your guests. While blooms are beautiful arranged within a vase, know that you have the option to comprise an arrangement that will showcase some unique flair.

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With many flowers that fill the world and ways in which you can present them, are you aware of some non-traditional wedding centerpieces that you can utilize for your décor?

We understand that your centerpieces will be the highlight of your wedding décor. That’s why, here at Palomino Floral Designs, we have gathered some non-traditional wedding centerpieces to inspire your big day décor. If you are interested in learning what they are, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

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  • Go bold with branches. Beautiful branches will add height and elegance to your space. In addition, they can be discovered with pure rustic beauty, or with a dash of elegance, adorned with blooms. Also, know that you can incorporate them among flowers, to add some diversity to your tables, or allow them to showcase their beauty all on their own.

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  • Showcase diversity. Among your tables, know that a simple arrangement of flowers within a vase will always present beauty. However, you can represent a more diverse appearance with an array of arrangements. Choose vases that reflect varying sizes and heights, to bring a sense of uniqueness to each and every table.

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  • Bring on the citrus. Fruits can be discovered in an array of vibrant colors, textures, and sizes. Therefore, they pose as the perfect options for incorporating into your centerpieces. Instead of filling your vases with water, utilize fresh fruits, such as limes, lemons, and oranges. They will bring a natural pop of color to each and every table, and present a look that will certainly be unique to you and your big day.

Begin Planning Your Wedding Flowers

With so much creativity to be discovered, you have the opportunity to develop unique, non-traditional centerpieces that will certainly leave a long-lasting impression with your guests. If you are ready to begin planning your Schaumburg wedding flowers, please contact us here at Palomino Floral Designs. We look forward to the opportunity to create your Chicago wedding flowers.